Song Lyrics…

Fire burst from inside her.

She trod on the flames

And walked in stardust.

Thunder in her throat,

Lightning in her hair,

She’s a danger to my heart.

Those eyes like moons,

Crescent and full.

She’s a night angel –

Wings from flowers

And stems for socks.

Are my insides in trouble?

Dragons ate from her palm,

She’s got me like putty,

Mould be into the guardian you need,

Back off knights –

She’s all mine.

We’re crestfallen and in pain at midnight.

Flutter now

Out come all the love

She’s held inside.

Oh, my love,

I’ll build us a castle

From the ashes.

We’ll ride this dragon into the sunset.

Does my touch

Hold the key

To the cage

Around her heart?


Stranger Street.

I’m used to being stared at.

I’m not beautiful,

I just have a crazy fashion sense.

That colour

And that one

Don’t exactly match.

But, then,

I never felt right

In ‘normal’ clothes


Maybe that’s rooted


In my whacked-up DNA.

But. That’s for another day.

Please, go ahead.


I’ve been told this ‘look’ suits me.

Bet you couldn’t pull it off.

Shall we see?