The Ocean.

Never been.

The beach and Thames sure but never the ocean.

Signifies beauty and dolphins and sunshine.

Something I’m looking for –

why not, throw in the dolphins too.

Last night I was drowning.

I lost the only control I knew.

I’ve been losing myself for years,

it’s a struggle to know whether to float or sink.

The ocean is

salt water on lips,

kissed by sand

that is fine,



Waves crash

but they’re real.

Creatures under water

have to be safer than ones under the bed.

Today I am Awake.

I am here,

I have a headache

but most days are like that.

I’m going dress shopping later.

I have no idea why I agreed to this party.

I want to keep floating…

Do you have any armbands?

Can you take armbands to the ocean?

I hope the water’s warm.


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