Last night,

this morning,

I dreamed about you.

Half my dreams

are nightmares

or strangers

but not this one.

This one was nice.

We’ve never met before

and yet in my mind

we were older.

At a party.

The beginning parts

we were at ‘home’.

Neighbours, weirdly.

That’s not true,

dream revealing itself.

Back to the party.

You were cute by the way,

like starting to hurt my heart cute.

Loads of girls were hitting on you,

you didn’t notice.

You just looked at me,

invisible girl

and said something like

‘darling, we’re not like these people, we’re real.’

Another dream hint –

I have a strong dislike for the word


Maybe some day I’ll tell you about that.

You pulled your phone out and took a picture of us.

I trusted you with my picture.

Weird that, I’m quite guarded.

You called me pretty, very pretty,

leaned in took another photo

then kissed me,

light and quick

and freezing the room.

Then the lights came on,

or rather my alarm went off.

I hate dreams like this.

It’s always stuff I can never have.

Nobody looks at me that way

but I suppose I can live in hope

of some day finding you.

I hope you talk to me,

and don’t leave me alone to the darkness.

Here’s to you,

may you find me interesting…


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