Spoken Word Performance – 5.4.17

I remember,

I remember the way

your skin felt

against mine.

How these two atoms

had never met

and will never meet again.

How hands on waist

curved like

sand timers.

How dirt under


could be creeping

along my hip.

How kisses on

shoulder blades

and stubble on cheek

became butterflies of life.

Sprouting and blooming

until you had me.

I remember,

I remember you said

‘Don’t worry

you got this,’

as I face-planted the floor

and fell down the stairs.

All the while

keeping my head high

so I could have the last laugh.

How we practised

cursive with left hands,

and discussed how

Doctor Who,

and brown eyes,

and French lessons

were things we had in common.

Conversations built on

yellow snow,

melted into puddles

of deadlines.

I remember,

I remember when you lied.

Poison spewed from

mouths of teenagers

who instead of horns

spread the bible.

Good girls

churning out the bad.

Hung me up like Jesus

pinned me,

with words,

with rumours.

I’m viewed

and dying

on Facebook.

Please no more.

Insert War Doctor,

Season seven above.

Add some mess,

of feelings





and here we are four years later.

The spell still conducting.

I remember,

I remember when the

fireworks died

blizzards stopped

clear skies

of regret

and time.

Because time

wasn’t time anymore.

It was measurements

and cupfuls

and spaces

without us in the world.

It was clocks spinning,

watches whispering

Globe twisting.

Ashes from fires

didn’t sprout dragons,

only dust,

that we breathe in

Over our baked bean tea.

You were always

the better cook.

I read ninety miles an hour,

heart pumping,

brain racing.

I’m high on fiction

of romance that lasted.

We’re all fuelled with

a need

to be wanted.

Sonic the screwdriver

and zap me into opening.

It’s two in the morning

such a cliché,

but I remember.

I remember all the wrong things.

Things we didn’t have in common.

Like the ability to cause pain.

It’s hurting inside,

I’ll let it bleed.



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