What You Did To Me.

Claws come out to play at night.

I’m falling behind on deadlines,

just like I fell behind with us.

I’m THAT girl.

The loyal one.

The nice one.

The she’s-kind-of-a-bitch-banter one.

I was good to you.

You hurt me.

Sound familiar?

Isn’t that every relationship ever?

Funny how

People who do the breaking-up never write these things.

Let me tell you a story.

Four years.

Two of them we were us.

One of them we were maybe-yes-no-Idon’tknow.

The rest…I’m not sure…


This isn’t for details,

or cheated time,

this isn’t to say I want you back

because trust me,

this heart can’t be trusted in your hands again.

It’s for now,

the aftermath.

The me I’m not sure I recognise.

The girl almost two years on in our dust.

The girl who didn’t write poetry until six months ago.

The girl who doesn’t need you.

She’s a stranger even to me.

I’m hoping someday I’ll grow to know her.

That I’ll like this mirror image again.

The reflection lies.

I write romance –

I did that before we met –

you gave me heartbreak,

but guess what,

I can make that a superpower too.

Enjoy being the second protagonist of my story.

Someday you won’t be.


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