Afternoon sunshine.

It’s a little weird,

but this introvert,

is beginning to miss you.

Usually I’m sat like I am now,

laptop in tow, notes to the side

and you’re jailed outside.

We’re serving two different life sentences.

Mine is about grades,

yours is about growth.

Aren’t they the same?

I watch you, day-by-day

appear and disappear like the time

has over three years.

I’ll graduate soon.

Will I see you then?

I yearn for the river and books by fields,

nature highlighted with your rays,

blonde in my hair,

perfect blue sky.

I’m stuck on this assignment.

I’m scared I’ll fail.

That I’ll plummet into darkness and never see you again.

I wish I was a plant.

No, flower.

Pluck me and let me burst with colour.

For now I’m confined

to these words that are supposed to make me seem smart

when I’m not.

I’ll sit here for the time being,

watching you from the window.

Let’s catch up soon?

Afternoon sunshine!



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